Video Conferencing

What is Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing systems enable the fast and inexpensive exchange of information between people all over the world.
At the University of Zurich, there are several ways to hold a video conference. These services are open to all UZH members and are free of charge, with some exceptions. Please observe our Terms and Conditions.

Desktop Video Conferencing

Desktop video conferencing is the optimal solution for online meetings or conferences with presentations on your computer and is optimized for one person per room, each with a headset.

Lecture Room Video Conference

If you would like to hold your event in a lecture room at UZH with participants in lecture rooms at other universities, we will gladly assist you. During lecture room video conferences, the camera image and sound are transmitted bidirectionally, while the presentation may also be transmitted unidirectionally. Please contact us beforehand to ensure that all of the technical and organizational planning as well as the necessary technical installations can be taken care of on schedule. Please contact us through our application form or by phone: 044 634 24 51.

UZH Video Conferencing Rooms

UZH video conferencing rooms are optimized for professional video conferences in a quiet and atmospheric environment. Depending on the number of participants, UZH offers several different video conferencing rooms.