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Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Thanks to ever increasing mobility, it is now possible to work anywhere on the UZH campus or from home, without being tied to specific workstations. Whether via WLAN, cable, with or without VPN (Virtual Private Network), UZH members always have the same access.

The current network conversion of all UZH institutes and buildings to the campus network (by the end of 2024) makes this possible. In line with this, the new UZH VPN access was introduced. This further increases IT security, as the VPN connections are optimally protected by multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Who can use UZH VPN?

The new UZH VPN is available for:

  • Students (enrolled at UZH)
  • Employees (employed at UZH, regardless of number of working hours and type of employment)

Membership of a person group is based on the data in SAP. For persons with a dual function, such as students with employment at UZH, the higher authorization group applies (in this case 'employees').

In specific cases, IT managers can manually assign students to the 'Employees' group. This may be necessary if students need to access an institute's internal resources but do not have sufficient permissions. You can look up your IT manager here: Look up IT manager (accessible within UZH network or via UZH-VPN).

Should you not be able to access the site, please contact our IT Service Desk.


Why do I need UZH VPN?

A VPN connection should only be established if its use is necessary. For example, for services that are reachable only from inside the UZH-net:

  • Journals
  • File servers (employees only)
  • License servers (e.g. MaxQDA)

You do not need a VPN connection for these cases:

  • If you are on UZH premises and your device is connected to the UZH WLAN or LAN
  • When using the UZH Microsoft365 platform (MS Teams, e-mail, Word, Excel, etc.)
  • When using OLAT and SWITCH services or booking modules


Pausing the UZH VPN connection

Minor interruptions can occur with a VPN connection. For example, printing with a network printer in the home office may be blocked. There is a pause/interrupt function for this. No new login is necessary to resume the VPN connection.

With which devices can I use the UZH VPN?

The UZH VPN solution provides a consistent user experience across many operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux). It can also be used on mobile devices (IOS and Android).

Due to resource constraints, Central IT cannot offer any in-depth support for the use of the UZH VPN on Linux.

How do I install the UZH VPN client?

Please refer to the following instructions on how to install your UZH VPN client: External UZH Network Access (VPN)

Please note:

  • On devices managed by Central IT, the VPN client software is installed automatically via the Software Center.
  • Admin rights are required to install the UZH VPN client on other devices.


Who do I contact if I have questions/comments?

Our IT Service Desk will be happy to assist you and can be contacted in the following ways:
•    Mail:
•    Phone: (0041) 044 63 43333 (MO-FR 8:00 -18:00)
•    Web:

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