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Schedule Online Meeting


Using the following form (button "Sign in" below) you are able to schedule online meetings independently of existing Teams and Channels. You will receive an individual link for every scheduled meeting which can be shared e.g. by mail or in calendar invitations.

Users without a Microsoft account can join a meeting as well without being added as a guest to a Team beforehand. These anonymous attendees will have to wait in the meeting lobby until they are allowed in. Anonymous attendees do not join using verified mail addresses, so their identity must be verified by the UZH attendees before letting them in.

Link example:

Beispiel Link

Expiration / Recurring Meetings

Meetings are accessible as soon as they are created and can be used repeatedly. They are closed down 60 days after the date stated in the form or after last usage respectively. So, if a meeting is used on a regular basis it will persist indefinitely. Please keep in mind that chat history and meeting recordings of previous sessions are accessible to all participants.

Prerequisites and Authorisation

For scheduling of a Teams meeting using this form you just need a Microsoft 365 account of the UZH. There's no need for a Team or a Channel. Access to the form by using guest accounts is prohibited.

You don't need Microsoft Teams to join a meeting, Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome will do as well without further software installation. If you experience log in errors it helps to use InPrivate/incognito windows. For presenting we highly recommend using a locally installed instance of MS Teams whatsoever.

The creator of a meeting will become the meeting owner.

In meeting options the owner can configure the right to bypass the lobby and to present content.

Options for bypassing the lobby:

  • Only me: Every other participant will have to wait in the lobby until he/she is allowed in
  • People in my organization and guests: Teams users with UZH account (no guests!)
  • People in my organization, trusted organizations and guests: Due to UZH wide restrictions this has the same effect as "People in my organization and guests"
  • Everyone: Due to UZH wide restrictions this has the same effect as "People in my organization and guests"

Meeting recordings are saved in the OneDrive of the owner and linked in the meeting chat. You can delete the recording in OneDrive.