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Terms of use

At the University of Zurich, the videoconferencing software "Microsoft Teams/MS Teams" is available for digital teaching, study purposes and other digital communication (online meetings, chat, telephony and data exchange). When using MS Teams, please follow these instructions and guidelines:

1. Centrally administrated campus licences

Only use the centrally administrated MS Teams campus licences contained in the Microsoft 365 campus licenses in order to ensure that MS Teams is used in a legally compliant manner by means of appropriate account configuration. These licences are always in the name of your primary UZH email address and are maintained by Microsoft as a "business, school or university account".
Further information on the centrally administrated MS Teams campus licences can be found on Central IT’s MS365 website.

2. Binding "Terms of Service" of Microsoft (specifically MS Teams)

Microsoft’s Terms of Service are binding for all persons using Microsoft 365 or MS Teams (i.e. moderators as well as meeting participants). In particular, all users must comply with the rules of conduct (clause 3 of the Microsoft service contract). The Microsoft Service Agreement can be viewed at

3. Registration information

Registration information such as the username and password of the MS Teams account may not be disclosed to any third parties.

4. Use of the MS Teams account

Like any other UZH IT resources, the MS Teams account is to be used for the execution of UZH tasks, i.e. primarily for study and teaching purposes as well as for business purposes. Moderate use for private purposes is permitted, but must be kept to a minimum. Larger private MS Teams events (e.g. private association meetings) are not permitted. Any commercial use is prohibited.
MS Teams meeting links must not be made freely available on the internet. It is also prohibited to distribute links for MS Teams events on social media (e.g. Twitter, Instagram etc.).
Users of MS Teams accounts agree to adhere to Swiss laws and regulations, morality and the rights of third parties (namely rights to names, copyrights, data protection, etc.). In particular, it is not permitted to display, disseminate or store any pornographic, violent, illegal, racist or discriminatory content of any kind. Furthermore, users undertake not to incite to criminal offences or to present directions for such offences.
Audio or video recording of MS Teams videoconferences may only take place if all participants have explicitly agreed to a recording before the planned recording.
For use with particularly sensitive or secret data, all participants require an additional customer lockbox licence. The data owner is responsible for compliance with this requirement and for verifying the identity of the participants.

5. Penalties

The University of Zurich reserves the right to block access to MS Teams, to delete accounts and/or user profiles as well as all data of the user concerned in the event of misuse of an MS Teams campus licence account or violations of these terms of use. Furthermore, UZH reserves the right to initiate any further criminal or civil investigations.
Potential misuse of an MS Teams campus licence account shall be reported to the IT Service Desk (

6. External MS Teams events

UZH members can participate in externally hosted MS Teams events. Please note that for such external meetings, the protection of your data is the sole responsibility of the external meeting organiser.