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OneNote - Download Online Notebooks

Without the OneNote 2016 application (only available on Windows operating system, instructions from Microsoft are available at the following link) there is no obvious way to export online notebooks from a "OneDrive for Business" (e.g. from our UZH-OneDrive "OneDrive - Universität Zürich UZH"). Follow the steps below to still create a local copy of the data that you can open with the OneNote 2016 application.

  1. Log on to your OneDrive in the browser.
  2. For your OneNote file, click on the three items (context menu) and select "Rename".
    Online-Notizbuch herunterladen 1
  3. Copy the name (Ctrl+C) in the pop-up dialog and cancel.

    Online-Notizbuch herunterladen 2
  4. Click on any folder. Create a new one if there is none and click it afterwards.
    Online-Notizbuch herunterladen 3
  5. In the address line of the browser at the very end select the folder name including the preceding "%2F".
    Online-Notizbuch herunterladen 4
  6. Replace this selected text with a slash (/) followed by pasting the notebook name from the clipboard (Ctrl+V) and another slash (/).
    Then press the Enter key so that the page is loaded.
    Online-Notizbuch herunterladen 5
  7. Click on the "folder" name so that the file actions (download, delete, etc.) appear in the grey bar above.
    Online-Notizbuch herunterladen 6
  8. Select the entire content and download it.
    Online-Notizbuch herunterladen 7
  9. Since you had selected several elements, they are packed into a ZIP file and downloaded. The files within that ZIP file can be opened locally in OneNote 2016.
    Online-Notizbuch herunterladen 8