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OneNote - Notebook Migration Between Accounts (Windows)

If you had already set up a Microsoft account in the self-service area at UZH and created OneNote notebooks there before the global introduction of Microsoft 365 at UZH, you can no longer easily access this data.

The following documentation is intended to show you a way to export these notebooks and import them into your new UZH Microsoft account.

The instructions below do not work with the "OneNote" application that comes with Windows 10, but only with "OneNote 2016" that comes with Office 2016 or Microsoft 365. If you do not have "OneNote 2016" installed on your PC, please download and install Microsoft 365 first as described on the page Installing Local Microsoft 365 Applications.

Also make sure that "OneNote 2016" is the default application for the OneNote protocol, as described in Setting OneNote 2016 as Default Application.

Export of existing notebooks

Subsequently, a single notebook is exported. If you want to migrate several notebooks, please repeat the process for each of them.

Important: The export is done in your old Microsoft account. This was renamed in the course of the global introduction of Microsoft 365 at the UZH. You received an email around 12 March 2020 informing you of the new name of your old account. It has the form "*@*" (example:

  1.  Log in to OneNote online with your old Microsoft account (see above):
    Note: If you have already signed in with your new account, you will receive the error message below. In this case, change the account as shown in the screenshot.
    Anmeldefehler. Klicken Sie in diesem Fall auf den Link, um sich mit einem andern Konto anzumelden.
  2. Open the notebook you want to export
    Select the desired notebook
  3. Click the "Open in the app" button and accept any requests to open the link in OneNote.
    Note: The notebook must be opened locally in "OneNote 2016" and not in "OneNote". Otherwise it cannot be exported.
    Open the Notebook in the OneNote App
  4. Click on "File" and export the notebook from the local OneNote 2016 application to a file of type "OneNote Package (ONEPKG file)". Memorize the location where you save the file.
    Note: Our hotline has received a few reports of problems/errors when exporting very large notebooks. In this case, please follow this procedure to repair the export.
    Click on "File"
    Export Notebook as ONEPKG file
  5. You now have copied your notebook locally to a package file on your computer. Repeat this section for each notebook you want to migrate.
    OneNote Paketdatei
  6. Finally, log out of OneNote Online again.
    1. Click on your name in the "Path" field in the title bar. (Your name also appears on the far right, but this does not work there).
      Click on your username on the notebook path
    2. This will take you to OneDrive in your browser, where you can log out by clicking on the button with your name abbreviation (title bar far right).
      Sign out

Importing the OneNote package files

The next step is to re-import the OneNote package file exported in the previous section and save it locally (or on a network share such as your UZH home or a UZH group drive).

As before, you must repeat this section for each notebook to be imported.

  1. Double-click the OneNote package file created in the first section to open it in the local OneNote 2016 application.
  2. The dialog "Unpack notebook" appears.
    Store the new notebook locally, e.g. in the suggested path. It will be moved to OneDrive after the import.
    Alternative: You can also use the "Browse" button to store the notebook on your UZH home or a UZH group drive.
    Select the https path to the new UZH Account

Moving the import to OneDrive

If you have previously imported your notebook into your UZH home or a UZH group drive and you want it to stay there - i.e. not being copied to OneDrive - you can omit this last section.

Note: Our hotline has received a few problem messages regarding this section. If the procedure does not work as described, try this alternative procedure.

As before, you'll have to repeat this section for each notebook to be migrated to OneDrive.

  1. Open the OneDrive app (not OneNote!) on your computer and log in with your new UZH-Microsoft account.
    Sign In to OneDrive
  2. Back in OneNote, click on "File" --> "Share" from your newly imported notebook
    Click on File
    Click on "Share or Move"
  3. Click on "Browse" --> "Browse"
    Click on "Browse"
  4. Select the UZH OneDrive on the left ("OneDrive - University of Zurich UZH") Select a location for the file. Microsoft standard for notebooks on German speaking systems is the folder "Notizbücher" as shown in the picture. Give the notebook a name and finally click on "Move".
    Select the OneDrive folder, define a name for the notebook and click move
  5. This moves the notebook and starts synchronization. The temporary local copy (see previous section) is no longer needed in the OneDrive scenario and can be deleted. Likewise, the OneNote package file (the export from the first section) is no longer needed and can be deleted or put aside for safety.