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Third-party apps

Within the instance of Microsoft 365 (Microsoft 365 UZH) managed by ZI, all third-party applications are blocked by default. For example, Office add-ins from the Microsoft Add-In Store (Microsoft AppSource  (Microsoft AppSource), Exchange Online and OneDrive are blocked from access by third-party applications.

Certain applications were unlocked after an IT security and data protection check and can now be activated and used independently by all users of the Microsoft 365 UZH instance. Applications for other third-party apps can be submitted to the IT department through a Support.

The applications that have already been released can be found on the following page: List of approved applications

When using third-party applications, please note the following:

  • The institutes and the individual users are responsible for information security.
  • Special care should be taken with sensitive data; if necessary, this information should be removed before use.
  • Office add-ins can read and edit the documents to be edited.
  • Office add-ins can send data (including document content) over the internet.
  • If a third-party application requires a user account, the same passwords as at UZH may not be used!