Frequently asked Questions about Citrix EQP

Connection via VPN no longer works

Q: Why does the connection to Citrix via VPN no longer work?

A: With certain provider - OS constellations (e.g. UPC - macOS), the AnyConnect VPN Client from Cisco must be installed. To do this, the VPN server must be accessed with a browser. After logging in with the usual VPN account, the AnyConnect VPN Client will be offered for download. Instructions for the installation can be found under the link Instructions. At the last point of these Instructions, enter

PDF files cannot be opened

Q: When I try to open a PDF document with a double click, I get the error:
This app has been blocked by your system administrator.

A: An attempt was made to open the PDF document with Adobe Acrobat Pro. Since there is no corresponding license, the process was cancelled. To set Acrobat Reader to open PDF documents, right-click on the Start button and select Control Panel from the context menu that appears.

Open Control Panel

In the window that appears, start the control panel item Default Programs.

Open "Default Programs"

In the control panel item Default Programs, click Set your default programs.

Click "Set default program"

In the window that appears, select Adobe Acrobat Reader DC from the list and click Set this program as default.

Select "Adobe Acrobat Reader DC"


Office macros no longer work

Q: Why do Office macros that worked fine on the old Citrix desktop no longer work on the new Citrix desktop?

A: For security reasons, we were forced to limit the use of Office macros to digitally signed macros.

  • If these office macros were created by an external company, please clarify why this company does not digitally sign its macros.
  • If these office macros were created by the University of Zurich, please provide us with them so that we can digitally sign them.

In exceptional cases, individual UNC paths (no drive letters) can be declared as trusted locations.

Session does not work despite logging in again

Q: Even though the old session was terminated, the old session always reappears when you log in again.

A:To start a new session, you must first log out of the old session. This is done by clicking on the top icon above the Start button in the Start menu and then clicking Sign out in the submenu that appears.

Click Sign out

If the old session does not respond, you can alternatively click on the black flag at the top of the screen and select Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Select "Ctrl+Alt+Del"

On the screen that appears, click Sign out.

Default printer is not retained

Q: Every time I log on to Citrix, PDF24 PDF is defined as the default printer, even though I previously defined a different printer as the default printer in the session.

Select Default Printer

A: Client printers cannot be defined as default printers. Client printers are the printers that are defined on the workstation. Citrix automatically includes them in the session. Client printers can be recognized by the fact that the name contains a text like (from <computer name>) in session <number>. To set the desired printer as default printer in Citrix, the printer must be integrated as described at

Default Printer changed

Working on multiple screens

Q: How do you spread the Citrix desktop in full screen mode across multiple screens?

A: The method of spreading the Citrix desktop in full screen mode to multiple screens depends on the operating system of the workstation.

  • In Windows, before switching to full-screen mode, the Citrix desktop window must be positioned so that it partially occupies both screens. To switch back to the local desktop, you can click on the black flag at the top of the screen and select Home.
    Home-Knopf um zurück zum lokalen Desktop zu wechseln
  • Under macOS, before switching to full screen mode, the option Use All Displays in Full Screen must be activated in the menu View menu.
    View - Use All Displays in Full Screen

Message: Idle timer expired

Fehlerdialog Leerlaufzeitlimit

Q: I get a message that the session has exceeded the idle time limit and in 2 minutes the session will be disconnected. What is this all about?

A: If there is no user input (keystrokes, mouse movements, mouse clicks) for an hour, this message appears and draws attention to the imminent disconnection of this session. If you do not click OK, the session will reach the one hour idle time limit and will be disconnected. If you log on again during the following two hours, you will be returned to this session with all open programs and windows. If you do not log in again during the following two hours, the disconnected session will be forced to log out.

Since only active sessions occupy licenses, the used license becomes free again when the session is disconnected after one hour of inactivity and can be used by another user. When the user is logged off after another two hours, the used system resources are also released again and are also available again for other users. This behavior ensures that the licenses and system resources can be made available to those users who want or need to work actively in Citrix and are not occupied by sessions that remain unused for hours.

Message: You cannot access this session because no licenses are available

Q: I get the error message: «You cannot access this session because no licenses are available» and cannot log in. What is wrong?

A: Citrix EQP licenses the so-called Concurrent User, i.e. the concurrent user sessions. Citrix EQP is currently licensed for 384 users. This number is sufficient from a long term perspective and usually also contains a lot of reserves. However, it cannot be ruled out that this limit may be reached in the short term during peak periods when many users want to work with Citrix at the same time. As soon as the maximum number of active sessions is reached, further connections are rejected with this error message.

We therefore ask you to always sign out from Citrix and thus release the license you are using as soon as you have completed your tasks to be executed under Citrix.

Multiple shares on the same server with different credentials

Q: If an attempt is made to connect a NetApp share with different credentials, the following message appears:

The network folder specified is currently mapped using a different user name and password. To connect using a different user name and password, first disconnect any existing mappings to this network share.

How do I connect shares on the same server with different credentials?

A: If a NetApp share is to be connected with different credentials, the server must be addressed with different names for the different credentials, such as the fully qualified name, i.e. instead of idnetapp1 or instead of idnetapp2.

This is because Windows only allows one user per server name and the server names idnetapp1 and idnetapp2 are already used internally by Citrix.

Double-sided printing from Excel

Q: When I click on the button for double-sided printing in the print dialog in Excel, it disappears and the print is single-sided. How can I print double-sided from Excel?

A: Use the Printer Properties for double-sided printing.

Print properties in Excel


Search does not work

Q: If you try to use the search in the new Citrix environment, nothing happens when you click on the magnifying glass icon.

A: Behind the search is Microsoft Cortana, which is not fully Citrix compliant and presents users with all executable files on the server. This includes files that are not allowed to be used by normal users or are not supposed to be available to all users. For this reason Cortana has been blocked by means of a group policy designed for this purpose. Unfortunately, this does not automatically remove all menu entries.

The magnifying glass icon in the task bar in tablet mode can apparently not be removed at all. In the task bar in classic mode we were able to hide the magnifying glass icon by means of a registry entry. However, users can make this visible again.

Some users who were the first to test on the new Citrix can still find a Search link in their start menu. This link can only be removed by resetting the start menu and thus losing all the start menu settings that you have set up yourself.

The start menu can be resetted by renaming the file


You must not be logged in to Citrix while doing this. If you wish, we can rename the file for you.