Terms and Conditions

Allocation to one of three customer groups determines the conditions under which orders are executed. Allocation is based on a combination of customer segment and the purpose of the production.

Circle 1

Services free of charge*, highest priority

  • UZH employees for teaching
  • UZH employees for research
  • Executive Board of the University and Offices of the Vice President
  • Institutes/Faculties
  • Doctoral students
  • Competence Centers/NFS with home institution UZH
  • UZH museums and libraries
  • Central Services
  • Graduate schools
  • Summer schools

* Cf. Services Generally Subject to a Charge

Circle 2

Services free of charge*; lower priority than circle 1

  • Inaugural and farewell lectures
  • Lecture series
  • Honors
  • UZH alumni
  • Unitectra
  • ETH for joint degree programs
  • Other universities for joint projects
  • Individual students

* Cf. Services Generally Subject to a Charge

Circle 3

Services are charged; orders are only accepted if it is foreseeable that no resource bottlenecks will occur.

  • UZH organizational units: productions or products for sales or advertising of a product, giveaways
  • Productions for UZH teaching which students have to buy
  • Senior Citizens University
  • Children's University
  • Associated institutes
  • UZH continuing education courses
  • UZH institutes alumni
  • Student associations

Services Generally Subject to a Charge

Under certain conditions, our services are also subject to a charge for customers in circles 1 and 2:

1. Services outside office hours: Office hours are defined as the hours from 8.00 to 18.00 from Monday to Friday. If at least one hour or a quarter of the total working time (incl. setup and clearing up) occurs outside office hours, the entire assignment is subject to a charge.

2. Services in premises outside UZH: If the assignment takes place outside of UZH premises, the entire assignment is subject to a charge, regardless of the time of day (including reconnaissance, setup, and clearing up).

Only the personnel costs will be charged.

Post-production is free of charge in the abovementioned cases, provided that it can take place during office hours.

Other arrangements are possible in exceptional cases.

The following hourly rates apply:
Mon to Fri, 7.00 to 20.00: CHF 120 per hour
Sat: CHF 150 per hour
Sun and night: CHF 180 per hour