Lecture and Event Support


1. Livestreaming from Lecture Rooms

Lecture rooms and some seminar rooms at UZH are equipped for livestreaming. You can have lectures streamed live there, with camera image and sound as well as the presentation streamed. The list of equipped lecture rooms, the link to the application form and further information can be found here.
The minimum number of participants is 300.


2. Recording Lectures

2.1 Recording in lecture halls

Lecture halls (including a number of seminar rooms as of Fall semester 2020) at UZH are equipped with recording infrastructure. This allows the recording of lectures, including camera images, sound, and the instructor's presentation. A list of suitably equipped lecture halls, the link to the order form and further information are available here.

Step by step manual (PDF, 251 KB)


2.2 Home office recording

PowerPoint presentations can be created as screen presentations with spoken commentary and exported as video files. Alternatively, you can use a dedicated screen capture software for recording.

If you would like to make the videos available via OLAT, we recommend uploading them to SWITCHcast to ensure easy integration into OLAT. Further information on recording at home and publishing the videos is available here.

Step-by-step manual (PDF, 266 KB)


2. Video Conference

Central IT recommends the video conferencing systems Microsoft Teams and ZOOM. Further information about the video conferencing tools can be found here.


Further Information:

  • Technical issues: Please note that technical issues may still occur despite all of the preparatory measures taken. Please take this into account when preparing your lecture. We recommend that students be provided with learning materials that are not exclusively video-based.
  • Lecture materials: For copyright reasons, we recommend that you make the learning materials available via the OLAT learning platform or a protected UZH website.