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Recording in Lecture Rooms (Podcast)


We record lectures, series of events, or one-off events for you and provide you with a video management platform, SWITCHcast (based on Kaltura).

What is being recorded?

By default, the speaker is recorded with a fixed image section and the presentation, but not the blackboard or overhead projector. The recording is automatically converted for online reference (no live streaming) and / or for download. You can publish this as a link on a website or in OLAT.

Example: Informationstage - Psychologie

Where do we record?

At UZH, more than 55 lecture rooms are equipped for recording. For details, please refer to our list of suitable lecture halls

How do we record?

Recording quality is determined in terms of the most common usage, i.e. providing students with access to lectures after they took place.

How do I access my recording?

From request to publication in six steps: Please consult our process guide.

Please note:

  • Technical issues: Technical issues may still occur despite all of the preparatory measures taken. Please take this into account when preparing your lecture. We recommend that students be provided with learning materials that are not exclusively video-based.
  • Lecture materials: For copyright reasons, we recommend that you make the learning materials available via the OLAT learning platform or a protected UZH website.


University lecture and event recordings are free of charge. Please also note our Terms and Conditions.

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