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Recording and Editing

Video Tutorials

Use SWITCHcast MediaSpace Help to familiarize yourself with the user interface and how it works.


To request a recording, please use the request form. Processing is carried out on a best-effort basis. Once requested, MELS opens a series in SWITCHcast (Kaltura) with the recording data, and the recording(s) will then take place automatically.

The programmed livestreams can be found in MediaSpace in My Media or in the OLAT course in My Media.
The programmed recordings cannot be displayed yet.

Audio/video of the instructor(s) and the presentation are recorded in parallel.

Generally, the image section is fixed and specifically configured for lecture recordings. If you require a different image section, e.g. for a discussion group, please contact the  City Campus Event Service or  Irchel Campus Event Service, depending on the venue. The Event Service staff will execute the desired screen settings for you. Currently, such requests can only be considered in exceptional cases.


Use the SWITCHcast MediaSpace Help to familiarize yourself with the post-processing steps. Among other things, this concerns:

After clicking on «Save» or «Save a copy», processing takes about 2 hours. Depending on the load on the system, it can also take up to 12 hours. However, recordings that are being processed can already be published (see publication)

If you only need to make one recording per semester, we will gladly take care of the post-processing. This usually takes place within two working days after recording.