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Central IT

Lecture and Event Broadcasting

Standard transmissions, i.e. unidirectional transmissions between centrally allocated rooms at UZH, are automatically initiated by Room Allocation Services (Hörsaaldisposition) and operated by UZH Event Services (Veranstaltungsdienst).

Special transmissions, on the other hand, must be requested beforehand. This applies to uni- or bidirectional transmissions from locations outside the centrally managed rooms to centrally managed rooms (e.g. transmissions from a laboratory TV or a USZ operating theater to a lecture room).

Room Allocation Services room bookings
List of centrally allocated rooms

Special transmissions usually require technical adjustments in the desired rooms and therefore need to be handled on an individual basis. Therefore, please contact us beforehand via our request form (German only) or by phone: 044 634 24 51.

USZ transmissions between USZ lecture halls are coordinated at USZ. Please contact USZ Room Allocation Services by e-mail: or phone: 044 255 31 31. Should you have further questions, please consult the information sheet for USZ services (German only) (PDF, 17 KB)

Transmissions between different universities are usually implemented by video conference between the two lecture halls. Further information may be found here.

With the exception of a few cases, these services are free of charge. Please take note of our Terms and Conditions.


Request Form
If you have any questions about the form, we will be happy to help you: phone 044 63 42451