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Hybrid Events


By hybrid events we mean events where part of the audience is on-site and another part participates online. External speakers can also be connected.

The Central IT department supports such formats with various services:

  • Livestreaming with SWITCHcast
  • Livestreaming with Zoom or MS Teams (technical video conferencing)
  • Catchboxes (throwing microphones) to be borrowed from the event services in order to make the words of the participants audible for the external audience (only for livestreaming via SWITCHcast).

In the pilot project «UZH hybrid teaching room» (see below), seminar rooms are also being expanded for improved interactivity.

Livestreaming with SWITCHcast vs. with Zoom/Teams

1. Livestreaming with SWITCHcast

Compared to livestreaming with Zoom or Teams, the preparations and handling in the lecture room are much easier. All media devices (SMARTPodium, visualizer, lecture room computer, own notebook) can be used in the lecture room and the lecturers do not have to make any hardware and software settings in the lecture room.

By default, the lecturers are streamed via the installed room camera with a fixed image section, the screen presentation and the sound (especially the wireless microphones), but not the blackboard or the overhead projector.

The comment function can be used for communication between lecturers and external participants. Please note the time delay of the stream.

The livestream is always recorded and can (but does not have to) be made available as a podcast afterwards.

For licensing reasons, the service is initially only offered for events with more than 300 participants.

The rooms eqSuitable Lecture Roomsuipped for this purpose are the same as for recordings (podcast). Please note that some rooms do not have a room camera installed.

More information and the application form can be found here.

2. Livestreaming with Zoom/Teams

Many Suitable Lecture Roomsare equipped for livestreaming with zoom/teams (technically video conferencing). Any existing room cameras are not integrated, i.e. only the screen presentation as well as the sound (especially of the wireless microphones) and the computer-internal camera are transmitted. The Visualizer can be connected to the computer via a USB cable and thus be used in Zoom or Teams. Zoom and Teams are installed on the lecture room computers and SmartBoard computers. However, we recommend that you use your own notebook.

External speakers can be connected.

External participants cannot ask questions via audio channel, but only via chat.

Faculties are still encouraged to provide their own first level support to assist docents in setting up and testing the Zoom conference in the lecture rooms.

For individual special events, support for livestreaming with Zoom may be requested even in non-equipped rooms. However, a definite commitment is dependent on the availability of AV staff, who must set up the required infrastructure separately in each case. Please send requests to

For events with more than 300 participants, please remember to order an appropriate license in good time.

"UZH hybrid teaching space" pilot project

A pilot project is currently underway in close cooperation with the Directorate of Real Estate and Operations, the Rector's Office and University Didactics. In this project, a few seminar rooms are to be expanded for the time being in order to enable significantly improved interaction with external participants. For didactic reasons, the expansion is limited to seminar rooms, since truly interactive hybrid teaching is hardly realistic for events with large numbers of participants.

Already equipped:

BIN-2-A.01 (Institute room)

BIN-1-D.29 (Institute room)

PLM-F-103 (Institute room)

SOF-G-21 (Institute room)

Y25-G-11 (Institute room)

Equipped per fall semester 2023:

ATH-F-09 (Institute room)

BIN-1-D.22 (Centrally managed room)

BIN-1-D.25 (Centrally managed room)

KO2-D-54 (Centrally managed room)

KOL-H-309 (Centrally managed room)

Weiterführende Informationen

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