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How can students from outside participate in my face-to-face event?

There are two options for this. You stream the face-to-face events

  1. With SWITCHcast: real live streaming, initially only for events with more than 300 participants for licensing reasons. Presentations, sound and lecture room camera are transmitted. Easier handling for lecturers, additional recording with SWITCHcast does not have to be ordered separately.
        Further information can be found here.
  2. With ZOOM or MS Teams. The faculties provide their own first level support, who will help you with the setup and test runs. Presentation, audio and computer internal camera are transmitted. Please be sure to note the capabilities and limitations depending on the room you choose.Möglichkeiten und Einschränkungen je nach gewähltem Raum (PDF, 57 KB).

Advantages of Livestreaming over ZOOM

  • The lecture room camera captures a larger image section than the camera used in ZOOM. Lecturers can therefore move freely around the room. All media devices, e.g. SMARTPodium, can be used in the lecture room. Lecturers do not have to make any hardware and software settings in the lecture room.

Can lecturers from outside hold an event for students on site?

Yes, this is possible with ZOOM or Teams. An assistant must be on site to operate ZOOM or Teams. Lecturers as well as assistants must use headsets with microphone. Students' questions must be repeated by the assistant so that the external students can hear them. Alternatively, a catchbox (throwing microphone) can be used.
A test run in advance is strongly recommended.

How can I easily divide students into groups?

If you want to control who should participate on site or online and when, you can form groups. For this purpose you open a course in OLAT and use the enrollment module. Students can then enroll themselves in groups of a given size. For further details see OLAT manual.

Can I record my hybrid event broadcast with ZOOM or MS Teams?

Aufzeichnungen mit ZOOM oder Teams übertragene hybriden Veranstaltungen funktionieren in dazu ausgerüsteten RäSuitable Lecture Roomsumen.
In anderen Räumen müssen die Sprecher*innen nahe genug am Mikrofon des Rechners sein oder ein mit dem Rechner verbundenes Mikrofon verwenden.

Mehr Informationen zu Aufzeichnungen finden Sie in unserem Merkblatt (PDF, 63 KB).


Are ZOOM or MS Teams installed on the lecture room computers?

Yes, both ZOOM and MS Teams are installed on the lecture room computers. Please remember not to simply close the tool each time, but to log out. We recommend that you use your own laptop.

Should I use the lecture room computer or my own device for ZOOM or MS Teams in the lecture room?

In principle, both variants are possible. However, we recommend that you use your own device.

Can I integrate visualizers or smartboards into ZOOM or MS Teams in the lecture room?

Yes, this is possible. Follow the instructions (DE) (PDF, 167 KB) for this.

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