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Register and install

Register user account for ZOOM

  1. Go to the University of Zurich’s ZOOM website:
  2. Choose «Sign in» to configure your ZOOM account.
    Sign in
    Zoom (PNG, 126 KB)
  3. Enter your primary e-mail address (as with MS Teams) to log in (single sign-on) and click "Next".
    Zoom (PNG, 663 KB)
  4. Enter your password (as with MS Teams) to log in (single sign-on) and click "Sign In".
    log in 2
    Zoom (PNG, 669 KB)
  5. Open the Authenticator app on your smartphone and enter the number displayed in the web browser
    (as with MS Teams).
    log in 3
    Zoom (PNG, 648 KB)


  6. After your registration you will see your personal profile where you can adjust your basic settings if necessary.
    Zoom (PNG, 264 KB)

    Recommendation: change the date format to
    Zoom (PNG, 264 KB)

Installing the ZOOM-App

  1. To install the ZOOM App, choose the link «Download Client» on the ZOOM website:
    Download client
    Zoom (PNG, 129 KB)


  2. Download and install the «Zoom-Client for Meetings» and save the app.
    Please note: Other downloads are not supported by MELS/AV Services (plugins, browser extensions, etc.) and may not be installed.
    ZOOM Client
    Zoom (PNG, 131 KB)