The University of Zurich has acquired a campus license for the software ZOOM to enable online lectures and public events via ZOOM during the Corona crisis.

According to the data protection commissioner of the canton of Zurich, ZOOM can be used during the time of the Corona crisis. The situation must be reassessed after the crisis. (https://dsb.zh.ch/internet/datenschutzbeauftragter/de/themen/digitale-zusammenarbeit.html)

For privacy and security reasons, Microsoft Teams should continue to be used for internal meetings. Zoom may also not be used for seminars and lectures where sensitive data is exchanged (e.g. patient data in the context of clinical seminars of the medical faculty, supervision by psychologists). When setting up and conducting meetings via ZOOM, special care should be taken to ensure that the recommended settings are made according to the instructions to minimize risks associated with the use of ZOOM.

The ZOOM campus license enables online meetings with up to 300 participants. For larger numbers of participants in lectures and events, we also have a limited number of licenses for webinars with up to 500 or 1000 participants. These licenses must be applied for via MELS/AV Services separately, using the appropriate form . The free version or a single license version of ZOOM should be avoided for data protection and security reasons. Existing accounts can be converted to the campus license of the University of Zurich (instructions see below). 

For support requests regarding ZOOM please contact MELS/AV Services: zoom-support@zi.uzh.ch