Planning a ZOOM meeting/webinar

Initial preparations

Planning a meeting

  1. In your ZOOM App, choose the calendar icon to plan a meeting.
  2. Define meeting name and date
  3. Use a password (6-digit number will be automatically suggested). For security reasons, the use of a password is highly recommended
  4. Define the video and audio settings and choose the calendar tool to be used (for Lotus Notes choose «other calendars»)
    Meeting planen


  5. Define more meeting settings under «Advanced Options»Erweiterte Optionen
    We recommend muting participants and only allowing authorized users unless it is a public event. Students can register for a ZOOM license on in the same way as described for the campus license of the University of Zurich
  6. If you want to record the meeting, make sure you have enough storage space on your laptop. Zoom also offers the option to save the recording in the cloud. Dies ist datenschutzrechtlich heikel. However, this is sensitive in terms of data protection. We therefore recommend that you save your recordings locally and deactivate cloud storage. To do this, check your settings under «Advanced Options».  
  7. App you can view and edit your scheduled meetings via the «Meetings» tab. There you can copy the invitation text for sending by email via «Copy invitation»
  8. Send an email to your students/participants and paste the copied invitation text. You can delete the automatically generated information to join via SIP or H.323.