UZH Print Plus - Access to Stored Files

The Access to Saved Files function allows you to print PDF documents from a USB stick. Please note that this function only supports PDF files. Hold the UZH card against the card reader of the multifunction device for identification.

Printing saved files from a USB stick is a UZH Print Plus service for which a fee is charged. Credit is topped up via the credit portal for UZH Print Plus.

UZH Print Plus - topping up credit

Procedure for printing from USB stick

Zugang zu gespeicherten Dateien

  1. Connect the USB stick to the multifunction device.
  2. Select Access to stored files in the main menu.
  3. Select the connected storage medium and document to be printed on the display.
  4. Select print.
  5. Adjust print settings if desired.
  6. Print start for final printing of the document.
PDF ab USB-Stick drucken