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UZH Print Plus – Mail to Print

Printing with UZH Print Plus from mobile devices

Mail to Print allows you to print from a mobile device even if it is not directly connected to the UZH network.

Mobile devices include smartphones, tablets, laptops or other computer devices with Internet access that can send documents via e-mail. Mail to Print is mainly intended for printing outside the UZH network. For example, students can now easily print from their laptop or cell phone without a "direct" connection to the campus network.

PDF, Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents are supported by Mail to Print. The mail body can also be printed out. For best results, we recommend using PDF documents.

Send the document to be printed from a mobile device to the mail address To use this service from private or business mobile devices, you must have a "unique UZH mail address", because unknown sender addresses will be discarded!

Preparation: Installation of the "Microsoft Outlook" app

For the use of "Mail to Print" from iOS/iPadOS as well as Android, the app "Microsoft Outlook" is recommended, which is available from the respective App Store. The installation and configuration of Microsoft Outlook is documented under the following link:

Installation Guide (Microsoft Outlook)


Note: In principle, Mail to Print works with any e-mail program. However, the UZH Internet address must be used as sender so that your print job can be assigned to you.

Sending the print job from mobile devices

The app can be used after installation as you are used to from a mail client.

Send a mail message to the address and add the document to be printed as an attachment.

Printing at the University

After sending the print job, it can be printed out for 72 hours on any UZH Print Plus multifunction device.

Basic prices for copy and print

A4 (single-sided/double-sided)
Black and white: CHF 0.08/CHF 0.16
Color: CHF 0.65/CHF 1.30

A3 (single-sided/double-sided)
Black and white: CHF 0.09/CHF 0.18
Color: CHF 0.70/CHF 1.40

1. Verification on the device

For verification on the multifunction device, hold the UZH card to the card reader. If a login window appears on the display: Enter UZH Shortname and Active Directory password and select Login.

2. Open Secure Print

Various functions are available in the main menu of the multifunction device. To retrieve previously submitted print jobs, select the Secure Print function.

3. Print and manage

Select a print job in the queue and

  • with options Change document properties
  • print with Print + Delete
  • delete directly with Delete

Change document properties

  • Adjust duplex, color mode, stapling, etc. as desired
  • with Set options you get back to the Secure overview
  • print with Print + Delete