Voice Mail (Telephone Answering Machine)

The University of Zurich uses the OpenScape Xpressions voicemail system for automatic call answering.

Callers can be diverted to the voicemail box. They receive a personal greeting and can leave messages.

The user uses the voicemail features either via telephone or via web browser.

Access from telephone connection

Access from own telephone *78
Access from any UZH telephone *80
Access from an external telephone line 044 634 11 78

User name: Your own internal telephone number e.g.: 54321

PIN: same as password for web access

  • the PIN is valid for telephone and web access
  • access is also protected from your own telephone by entering the PIN
  • voicemail access is blocked after three incorrect entries
  • a lost PIN has to be reset by the administrator, please create a ticket for this


  • spoken user guidance adjustable in de, en, fr, it
  • Access to the box from internal, external, mobile and via web
  • comfortable interface for box settings via web browser
  • Voicemail Box with multilevel menu navigation
  • Information box with several levels

Voice Mail user manuals

You will find detailed instructions for voice mail on the following page

User manuals

The personal voice mail

No important call is lost, the personal mailbox takes your calls and

  • greets the caller with a personal greeting
  • offers the caller the possibility to leave a message

For example:

"You are connected to the Klaus Mustermann line. I'm not at my desk at the moment, please leave a message after the tone, I'll get back to you as soon as possible."

You can choose up to 9 different announcements. The selection of the greeting used can be manual, day/night/weekday dependent and controlled depending on the type of call. This allows an individual adaptation of your mailbox to your personal workflow.

Redirect phone to voice mail


If you want to forward incoming calls to your voicemail, you must set up "Redirect All Calls" and/or "Redirect Do Not Answer" on your telephone set with destination *78.

Configuring "Call forwarding All Calls
>> Press the Forwarding key > Edit call forwarding > All calls > Press the right arrow > Enter destination (alternative: select *21*78)
Setting up "Call Forwarding after no reply"
>> Press the Forwarding key > Edit call forwarding > Do not answer > Press right > Enter destination (alternatively: *61*78)

  • in case of "call forwarding after no reply", an automatic call forwarding to the voicemail box will take place after 4 rings!
  • with "Call forwarding All Calls" the calls are forwarded directly to the voicemail box without delay The LED of the call forwarding key is switched on and the call forwarding information is shown on the display.
  • the "Call Forwarding All Calls" overrides the "Call Forwarding after no reply" as long as the "Call Forwarding All Calls" is active.

see also operating instructions for Openstage


Request voicemail box

You can request a voicemail box via your telecom delegate.


Term Description
Voicemail Box Personal answering machine
Greeting Greeting when the voice mailbox is called Up to 9 different greetings can be saved
Greeting type The greetings can be assigned to a greeting type
- Standard greeting type is always the alternative greeting
- Further greeting types are available for Busy, Internal, External and Closed
Message Message which is left by the caller
Call forwarding "old" telephones:
- Variable call forwarding is set up anew each time
- Fixed call forwarding is programmed to the forwarding key "new" telephones:
- Call forwarding All calls for immediate forwarding
- Call forwarding after no reply for delayed forwarding