Your UZH e-mail address is part of the UZH online services. After you have received your login details, you can set up a password for your UZH e-mail account in the Security Identity Manager and use it after a waiting period of 30 minutes.

What Is My UZH E-Mail Address?

After setting up a password for your e-mail/collaboration account in the Security Identity Manager, you can use your access details to check which e-mail addresses are associated with your account.


UZH’s e-mail system is being converted from HCL Notes to Microsoft 365 (Outlook). Information on this webpage is intended for HCL Notes users. Information on Microsoft 365 (Outlook) can be found via this link.

Microsoft Outlook

Webmail Access

You can easily access your UZH e-mail account via any web browser and log into webmail, e.g. at public workstations, at home or on any mobile device.





UZH short name, full name, or e-mail address
(e.g. fmuster/Felix Muster/felix.muster@uzh.ch)

E-mail/collaboration password

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E-Mail on Mobile Devices

You can also link your UZH e-mail account to your mobile devices. A smartphone app is available for Android and iOS devices. Installation and configuration instructions can be found in our expertise database.

Installation guide for mobile devices

IBM Notes Client

For employees, we recommend the IBM Notes client (installation after consultation with ZDU Support or your IT Coordinator).

Individual Installation of the IBM Notes Client

Instructions for installing the IBM Notes client can be found in our expertise database.

Installation guide for IBM Notes Client

Windows Mail

Windows 10 includes the “Mail” app by default. Your UZH e-mail address officially supports ActiveSync. In comparison to connection via IMAP or POP, the advantage of the ActiveSync connection is that calendars and contacts are also available for direct synchronization.

Installation guide for Windows Mail (German only)

IBM Mail Support for Microsoft Outlook

With IBM Mail Support for Microsoft Outlook, you can use Outlook to access your UZH e-mail account, calendar, and contacts. Instructions (German only) and download for UZH members.

IMAP Access

You can also use other e-mail clients to access your UZH e-mail account, but you will not have access to calendars, tasks, contacts, notes, etc. The University of Zurich offers IMAP access for incoming e-mail traffic and SMTP access for outgoing e-mail traffic.

Configuration guide for IMAP Clients