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This guide describes the procedure for accessing the Citrix EQP environment via Citrix Workspace App from mobile devices running the iOS operating system such as iPhones and iPads.

The access is set up in two steps:

1. Download and install the Citrix Workspace App


The app needed to access the Citrix EQP environment is called Citrix Workspace App. It can be installed for free via the App Store.

Instructions for downloading and installing the Citrix Workspace App

Search for Citrix on the App Store and tap LOAD on the Citrix Workspace app.

On the Apple App Store, search for Citrix and load the Citrix Workspace App


2. Configuration of the access


When using the Citrix Workspace app for the first time, it must be configured to access the Citrix EQP environment. The settings will be saved and are then valid for all further uses. Of course the saved settings can be adjusted at a later time.

Note: If you want to access the Citrix EQP environment from devices outside the UZH network, VPN must be used.

Instructions for configuring access

Start the Installed Workspace App and tap Get Started.

Tap "Get Started"

Enter the server address and tap Next.

Enter the server address ""

Use the appropriate Active Directory account (short name) to log in.

Sign In with the Active Directory account

The installed and configured Citrix Workspace App will now start directly or can be started manually, whereby a new login may be necessary. Afterwards the Citrix Workspace presents itself. A tap on Apps opens the corresponding menu, which displays all Citrix desktops the logged-in user is authorized to use.

Tap on the Apps button

These can be selected with a tap, whereupon the corresponding icon appears on the Citrix Workspace.

Select the favorite app

Citrix remembers the selected applications and will present them directly there in the future, regardless of which device you are logged on to.

Added favorite apps

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