Recording in Lecture Rooms (Podcasts)


Please note that all of the instructions on this page are written for operation under regular conditions. Due to the current exceptional situation, we have prepared an abridged version for you.

Step-by-step manual (PDF, 251 KB)


Operation Under Regular Conditions

We record lectures, series of events, or one-off events for you and provide you with a video management platform, SWITCHcast.

Example: Die Schweiz - Erinnerungsnation mit Zukunft

Where do we record?

At UZH, more than 45 lecture halls are equipped for recording. For details, please refer to our list of suitable lecture halls

How do we record?

Recording quality is determined in terms of the most common usage, i.e. providing students with access to lectures after they took place.

What do I need to know?

Most of the projectors in the lecture halls use a widescreen format (16:9). If possible, use 16:9 format in your presentation (e.g. PowerPoint). The older PowerPoint format 4:3 is still supported, but is displayed in a “letterbox” (black bars on the left and right), both during presentation and in the recording.
For optimal results, please set your external monitor resolution to 1280x720. For devices such as MS Surface, iPad, or similar, please bring your own HDMI adapter.

How do I access my recording?

From request to publication in six steps: Please consult our process guide.


University lecture and event recordings are free of charge. Please also note our Terms and Conditions.