Services / Accounts

To enable users to use different IT services (e-mail, e-learning, study administration, Active Directory ADFS, etc.) for study and research, various services are provided. For this purpose, accounts are required for the password-protected login to the service. The UZH full name is only used for the Identity Management Service. For the other services the UZH short name is used.

Information on the individual services

  • Identity Management (The Identity Management Service is the central administration of all persons and accounts
  • Email/collaboration (access to the UZH's email and collaboration environment, e.g. webmail, Notes, IMAP, SMTP, chat / meetings, connections, etc.) Also known as "Lotus". )
  • Active Directory (access to services which use Active Directory. e.g. Citrix, computer workstations, Windows domain UZH, etc., from August 16, 2021 also VPN and WLAN)
  • VPN (from August 16, 2021 access via Active Directory)
  • WLAN (radio network; also when used on the campus of another university thanks to eduroam, from August 16, 2021 only for eduroam)
  • WebPass (replaces previous validations on UZH websites, such as ZORA, password protected websites, exchange of large files with drop files, but NOT AAI)
  • AAI (AAI Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure of the Swiss Universities, former Uni-Access)

Services with special use:

  • WebMod FTP server Access to the "classic" web server (in addition to UniCMS), only available by special request and only for functions.